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Accedian Networks

Accedian Networks is the leader in Performance Assured Networking™ for mobile backhaul, business services and cloud connectivity. Our solutions provide service providers and network operators with visibility into their networks and this differentiating ability empowers them to optimize, improve and manage the performance of their network, thereby delivering the best possible experience to their subscribers


Accedian’s award winning, high performance MetroNID® demarcation device provides carrier-grade demarcation within metro and access networks. Designed for cellular sites, aggregation nodes, and CPEs, MetroNIDs segment, monitor and bridge diverse networks, delivering traffic conditioning and performance monitoring visibility.


Designed for service demarcation at the edge of the network, Accedian’s EtherNID® demarcation device offers advanced, high performance service assurance and creation directly from a customer premise or a cell site. With a full range of Ethernet rates and interfaces, the comprehensive EtherNID family fits any network from end-to-end.


The MetroNODE 10GE™ high performance service assurance and OAM aggregation nodes, provide the most accurate, lowest delay, highest capacity service assurance capabilities with wire-speed, high-density monitoring and advanced service creation capabilities while seamlessly integrated into a reliable, compact and power-efficient package. Developed in response to demand for ever increasing accuracy and capacity in service performance assurance equipment, the MetroNODE 10GE’s ultra-low delay 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) service assurance platform is based upon our award-winning 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) NIDs.


The Accedian Networks NanoNID provides an innovative way to offer key features such as Performance Monitoring (PM) and Connectivity Fault management (CFM) into deployed Network Elements. The NanoNID is a virtual test set, which can provide service management capabilities such as Remote Troubleshooting, Performance Measurement and Capacity Planning. It is an alternative and efficient service turn-up tool set. The NanoNID can enhance existing legacy network elements instead of replacing them, thereby saving truck-rolls and costs to the network operator.

Vision EMS™

Vision EMS™ is a centralized management platform for Accedian Networks’ MetroNID® and MetroNODE 10GE™ performance assurance solutions.  From this application, multiple concurrent users can view and manage Accedian Networks products, greatly simplifying the tasks of network operators.  From initial install through unit lifecycle administration and maintenance, Vision EMS simplifies, secures and accelerates service validation, performance monitoring and network management. Built around a robust task automation engine, it can perform network wide operations for device backup, device commissioning, firmware upgrade operations and run multiple concurrent Y.1564 service validation tests. By extending Accedian Networks Plug & Go™ instant provisioning system, Vision EMS reduces operational effort to an absolute minimum as new units go from the box to being managed in minutes.


VisionMETRIX is a virtualized performance monitoring and reporting solution that enables service providers and mobile operators to monitor their mobile backhaul and business service performance and report on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with pinpoint accuracy, ease, and at minimal cost.

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