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Bosch Security Solutions

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- Fire Alarm

- Public Announcement

- Access Control system





Retail Solutions



The retail business is highly competitive and characterized by narrow profit margins. Theft, whether it is committed by employees, shoplifters or others, can therefore pose a major threat to a company’s survival.


The nature of the retail business means that a large number of people has access to the premises, for instance to deliver merchandise or to shop. The potential risks involved require stores to meet demanding criteria with regard to security, safety, communications, and building automation. They pose security and safety challenges such as:


- Preventing unaccounted and accidental losses of inventory

- Detecting intrusion and shoplifting by staff or others

- Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations

- Dealing with fires and explosions


Banking Solutions
Banks, where it is absolutely essential to manage risks, were among the first to install security systems. They are still among the users with the highest expectations – and understandably so. Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at banks, which must meet incredibly demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications. The challenges include:
- Preventing kidnapping and robberies
- Detecting vandalism and fraud at cash points
- Integrating security and safety concepts into bank processes
- Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
- Ensuring intrusion and alarm mechanisms, fire detection, and constant monitoring
Government Solutions
Government facilities such as legislatures, city halls and courtrooms perform a wide range of functions. They are used for hosting summit meetings, holding conferences and debates, parliamentary voting, and many other purposes. These facilities have demanding communication requirements such as state-of-the-art sound quality and simultaneous interpreting systems. At the same time, they must ensure the security and safety of participants, employees, and visitors. Government buildings therefore face daunting security, safety and communication challenges:
- Providing state-of-the art conferencing systems
- Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations for high-security areas
- Detecting intrusion, sabotage, and malicious attacks
- Dealing with fire and explosions
- Providing video surveillance of all activities
- Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
Hotel Solutions
Travelers regard hotels as a safe refuge, like a home away from home. To make guests feel absolutely secure, hotels must master security, safety, and communication challenges including:
- Preventing possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
- Dealing with fires and explosions
- Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
- Detecting intrusion and other crimes
- Managing a wide variety of access authorizations


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