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About Mono


Founded in 1999 with the initial objective to offer information technology services, Mono Group now becomes a leading entertainment content creator in Thailand that creates and offers outstanding services and products via several media platformsto fit modern lifestyles in the digital era. Our services and products include entertainment news, music, movies, games, and horoscope available through various channels, such as the Internet, mobile phones, publications, satellite and cable TV, etc.


Mono Group is a young and innovative Company full of energetic and creative staff. We have a long-term goal of becoming the leader of digital media industry with sustainable growth.


Aiming for further growth and overseas expansion, we continue to extend our business to meet the needs of consumers in Thailand and international market.




Mono Group consists of two main businesses:


1.1 Media and Content Businesses (in Thailand)


1.2 Media and Content Businesses (Overseas Subsidiaries), including Mono Technology Myanmar Co.,Ltd


2. Entertainment Businesses




Mono Mobile is a business unit that creates and develops digital contents for mobile platforms. Various contents are developed in digital formats to provide mobile services such as news, sports and soccer reports, songs and music download, games and other interesting mobile contents.


One of popular services is ‘Gossip Exclusive’ updating customers with entertainment and celebrity news along with pictures from Gossip Star Magazine. Another example is ‘Daily Horoscope’ providing fortune telling services with famous fortune-tellers. 


To catch up with the new innovations and future technology and offer seamless mobile platform services for mobile phone users, our high-skilled engineers are developing new systems and applications that cover all aspects including SMS, MMS, IVR, and Mobile Applications and any other services.






Mono Internet 


1) Online Video Portal 


Mono Internet offers various contents to customers on the Internet platform. Mono’s portal website,, is currently ranked as one of the top leading and the most visited websites in Thailand. is the number 1 popular website regarding personal and social category and the number 1 video portal of Thailand with over 7,000,000 visits per day and more than 2,200,000 members nationwide (Source:, The Center of Thai Web Statistics and Directory). provides several platforms for visitors to share their opinions and thoughts on many different channels like news, entertainment, men, women, sports, movies, horoscope, etc.


2) Online Hotel Booking is an online hotel and tour booking website for foreign customers who are looking for discount hotel rooms and special tours within Thailand.  In addition to hotels and tours, it also has optional activities such as golf, diving, spa and cultural excursions.

“Thailand’s Tour Expert; All Hotels, All Services, All Thailand.” is for foreign customers who would like to make a reservation for a trip to Asian countries including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It also offers information and tips on travel for anyone who’s interested in the fascinating Asian countries. Customers can choose discount hotel rooms, tours, tickets for travel, attractions and they can also enjoy individually customized tour program.

“Gateway To Southeast Asia and the Far East.” is mainly designed for Thai customers who wish to travel within Thailand. Travel experts would give customers more options for choosing the right choices as they suggest trips for couples, families, groups and special occasions.

“Book Hotels Around Thailand – Around The Clock.” is targeting international customers who are interested in traveling abroad including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and more.

“Your Travel Superstore.”





Mono Publishing


Mono Publishing is the publisher under Mono Group responsible for production of contents, publication and distribution of Mono’s magazines and printed media. We are expanding our distribution channels and arranging marketing events to strengthen our brands in order to meet the needs of those who are interested in entertainment news.





Mono TV 


Mono Production Co.,Ltd. is producer and creator of TV program for C band (PSI satellite disc), KU Band (DTV satellite disc) satellite Cable TV. Currently, the Company has 2 channels including Zaa Network and A'lure Channel


Zaa Network, with concept of “Extreme Happiness of Your favorite Music Lifestyle” by producing Music programs to fulfill all life styles including entertainment program for 18-28 years old male and female which is our main target group. These programs are broadcasted through satellite TV via C band (PSI satellite disc), KU Band (DTV satellite disc), nationwide local cable. In addition, audiences can view program via your computer and Smartphone. Examples of popular programs are Asian Zone, 2 NE 1 TV, Girl Gen TV, Sugoi, Fun and Zaa, etc. 


A’lure Channel, with concept to present entertainment program, male and female lifestyle including male program which is the main target group of channel. A’lure program is broadcasted through Pay TV and audiences can view live program in Examples of popular programs are A'lure Up Size, happy, Check Rating, More with women, and A'lure HD Sexy Fashion, etc.


Mono Broadcast Co., Ltd. or Mono Broadcast —a wholly own subsidiary of Mono Production— was established on September 9, 2013  to operate digital TV broadcasting business, with the registered capital of 500 million. On December 26, 2013, Mono Broadcast Co., Ltd. participated in digital television license auction for the variety category in standard definition (SD) organized by National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and became the sixth bid winner at the bid price of 2.250 billion Baht. Mono Broadcast selected channel number 29. Some areas will be able to access this digital TV service on April 1, 2014 onwards.





Mono Music


Mono Music produces artists and music under Mono group. In Thailand, Mono Music’s artists have gained popularity from audiences of all generations and tastes.


To name a few: Candy Mafia - a talented teen girl group, SPF- a genuine rock band, G-Twenty - super sexy girl group, Paeng Natnicha – easy listening singer, Peet Peera – authentic and unique style, Krit Panna, Radio Garden, Status Single, Twenty Town, and Run Ran Run - group bands are all from Mono music.


Music Video and photos can be available for download via mobile phones dialing *3366. Customers can choose either to pay per song list or a subscription package. It is also available for News and Updates of favorite artists and games to win prizes




Mono Film


Mono Film is all about movies in digital era.


The company’s business is movie production and distribution. ‘Mono Pictures’ is a production studio producing quality Thai movies for both domestic and international markets. As a movie distribution company, Mono Film distributes Thai and foreign movies in a variety of ways, for instance, release in theaters, release on home video formats (VCD/DVD), and grant specific rights on cable TV and terrestrial TV.  


Furthermore, Mono Film re-distributes the movies in digital service format where users choose daily, monthly or yearly subscription packages to enjoy an unlimited view of more than 1,500 movies via PC, internet TV, tablet, smart phones regardless of any operating systems.





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