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Sangfor WAN Optimization



WANO Infrastructure Instead of Bandwidth Expansion





- Multiple optimization technologies

- Poor network environment accelerated the most

- 30%-95% data reduction capability

- More application protocols to support





- Built-in IPSec VPN & firewall for WAN networking

- Built-in BM for WAN visibility and traffic shaping

- Cost-effective mobile acceleration solution

- High ROI performance



Advantages of WANO solution


- Lower TCO

- Higher Transmission Capacity

- Accelerate Business Applications

- Refined Bandwidth Control

- Visibility of Link




Disadvantages of  Bandwidth expansion


- High TCO

- Can’t solve the delay and packet loss issues

- Buy additional devices to achieve visibility of link and refined BM






VSAT Optimization


- WANO infrastructure can indirectly increase the capacity of VSAT bandwidth by 2 to 5 times 

- Overcome the impact of high latency

- Insure the high priority of key applications/traffic

- Reduce the re-duplicative data to increase the transmission efficiency







Video Conference Optimization




- Video conference is very sensitive to packet loss.

- Unstable link make video conference unavailable.



WANO solution


- WANO can significantly reduce packet loss , this will help VC run smoothly.

- WANO BM feature ensure that VC can run on WAN with the highest priority. 

- Reduce other application’s traffic to free bandwidth for VC.



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