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Founded in 2000, SANGFOR set a clear goal to built high-performance, reliable and secure network devices that can increase the business growth of our clients while decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at the same time. SANGFOR concentrates itself mainly on providing excellent WAN devices to emerging segments, rather than products to solve all network issues.


SANGFOR currently has 49 rep offices located in major cities of mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and UK, with over 1600 employees which 40% of them are dedicated to R&D. In 2012, SANGFOR has got a record-breaking income and has continuously invested 15% of the revenue into R&D each year. So far, SANGFOR has provided solutions to over 15,000 businesses partners in various industries, among which lists a number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of local government departments and higher-education institutions. 


Internet Access Management

SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM) is designed to solve a several of network problems that come with network connections. With features like Internet traffic reporting and web log filtering, application control, bandwidth management and caching, IAM offers organizations an effective solution to a visible, controllable and accelerating network, while simplify the network infrastructure at the same time.


Visible: identifies access activities, bandwidth consumptions and third party contents, though real-time monitoring.


Controllable: manages network traffics and minimizes risks from inappropriate access such as social networks, IM and P2P activities.


Accelerating: ensures optimal performance for critical business applications through intelligent bandwidth management and caching technology


WAN Optimization

SANGFOR WAN Optimization (WANO) delivers multi-layer WAN optimization, improves data transmission on cables and accelerates application response, especially in high delay and high packet loss environments. The improvement of acceleration is significant with slow-responding applications such as exchange email systems.


Data Reduction: identifies redundant contents and eliminates 30-95% WAN traffics.


Transmission Optimization: reduces network latency and package losses, and accelerates applications for 3-50 times.


Bandwidth Management: monitors and controls bandwidth to ensure priority of network activities and effective bandwidth allocation.


Application Proxy: offers boosted performance to a wide range of business applications.


SANGFOR SSL VPN is a secure and convenient solution in achieving efficient remote connectivity and gain access to enterprise applications; to avoid applications being directly exposed to risks of attacks and to ensure access security of the application system.


Secure: Multiple ways of user authentications, endpoint security check, dedicated SSL VPN tunnel, secure desktop and cache cleanup.


Rapid: Streaming compression, resources load balancer, byte cache technology, High-speed Transfer Protocol (HTP) technology.


Usable: Remote access, mobile office, EasyConnect application.


SANGFOR Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) contains the function of traditional firewalls and mainly focuses on application layer, thus, it can provide an integrated 2-7 layers security protection. SANGFOR NGFW is more reliable, cost-effective and high-performance than the solution of FW+IPS+AV+WAF or UTM+WAF, and brings you a powerful & professional next generation protection.


Powerful: Anti application layer attacks, Bidirectional contents inspection, Contains traditional security, Application layer high performance, Modules intelligent interaction.


Professional: Collaborates with Microsoft and has been certificated by CVE, SOPHOS, APWG, and AMTSO, etc.

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