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VoIP over VSAT Solution by Welltech


  Voice over IP (VoIP) over VSAT

  Welltech provides an industry-leading solution allowing enterprises to design networks that simultaneously support data, voice, and video traffic. Welltech delivers unparalleled features and functionality which guarantees VoIP quality even through congested networks.

  Welltech provides its customers with a scalable private network solution where the QoS can be predefined and established. QoS can be assigned by traffic type, origination and destination, and can also be assigned a percentage of the bandwidth. In addition, available CIR (Committed Information Rate) capability allows the customer to plan the needed bandwidth in advance to make sure that all of the VoIP calls are of the highest quality.

  Welltech’s platform supports SIP compliant VoIP solutions thus allowing our customers the freedom to choose from multiple equipment vendors.

  VoIP technology continues to gain momentum and increasingly carries more traffic as it proves to be a cost-effective method to implement and manage enterprise based voice solutions. With Welltech’s differentiated technology the benefits of VoIP are further exacerbated by the tremendous flexibility, availability and reach inherent in a satellite transmission solution.


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