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Welltech Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan with the aim of linking people and the technologies, and has been an integral part of the community for over a decade. Our company is committed to promoting better Communications and Networking solutions to our customers through our strong knowledge and expertise in Voice over IP.

As the leading company in VoIP in Taiwan and with years of experience in H.323 and SIP protocol, Welltech has successfully developed FXO and FXS gateways, IP-Phone, H.323 Gatekeeper, E1/T1 Trunk gateway, SIP Proxy Server, USB phone and softphone and become a VoIP expert.

The voice quality and total solution providing ability are the reason why Welltech VoIP products are very popular in the market. From CPE side small gateways to CO side truck gateways, Gatekeeper and SIP Proxy Server, Welltech provided total VoIP solution to SOHO, multi-national corporations (MNCs), ITSP and carrier market. The new product, router integrated with voice over IP functions that support SIP protocol, is compliance with future communication trade.



SIPPBX 6200x is a series of SIP based IP-PBX which are SIPPBX 6200S, 6200GS and 6200N. They support different maximum extensions based on different hardware platform. It was built-in standard and high efficient SIP Stack and is compatible with SIP IP Phone and gateway. It is reliable and user friendly to use as regular IP Telephony Service device. SIPPBX 6200x is ready to provide office telephony service. Simply use Web Browser to Login SIPPBX 6200x and enable your desire features and functions by following Wizard guide and it is ready to use immediately.

ePBX100A-128, Embedded Asterisk IP-PBX

ePBX100A-128 is a small SIP based IP-PBX which allows up to 30 IP devices to register. It is flexible to support WAN port connect to internet and LAN port to private IP or DHCP. By NAT voice traversal features, the calls are free between internet and inside IP. This device is suitable for small office PBX application for inter-office calls or talk to remote office via internet or VPN network. It is easy to connect with external FXO gateway to interface with local PSTN line or PABX’s extension and IP Phone extensions.

IP Phone LP-399

LP-399S is a SIP IP feature phone which work on both IPv6 and IPv4 IP network address simultaneously. It supports up-to 3 register accounts and each account can be configured to access IPv4 or IPv6 network SIP Server freely. It makes migration from IPv4 to IPv6 network smoothly.

VoIP Gateway ATA172plus and ATA171plus VoIP ATA with PoE for Analog Phone device

ATA172plus and ATA171plus are two analog phones and one analog phone set SIP device which allow user to make or receive VoIP call through Internet Telephony service provider. This device is suitable for single user for ITSP service provider to install at home or office with affordable price and convenience installation.

Trunking Gateway WellGate 5260 T1/E1 ISDN Trunking Gateway

WellGate 5260 is an UNIVERSAL VOIP GATEWAY which navigates the calls in between H.323, SIP and PSTN freely, not simple PSTN to VOIP calls or vice versa. It can easily implement SIP and PSTN, H.323 and PSTN, SIP and H.323, SIP and SIP, H.323 and H.323 calls simultaneously. With built-in PSTN/VOIP IVR helps service provider to establish their own voice service platform quick. It is suitable for application of Pre-paid Calling card service termination. The built-in both ways IVR provide flexible function for termination and Pin code authentication announcement.

SIP Proxy Server WellSIP 6550

Welltech WellSIP 6550 SIP Telephony proxy Server is the best choice to your convergence VOIP network which covert the requirements from enterprise to service provider. With built-in rich telephony services, WellSIP 6550 enables traditional PABX features to your VOIP convergence platform. Also you can easily upgrade the license or provide the high available service according to the growth of your business without any hardware changes.

Billing System WellBilling 6600

WellBilling 6600 is a high performance, reliabilities and scalable RADIUS billing server. It's flexible rate plan and reseller/subscriber features fulfill the requirements of service provider. With built-in prepaid and postpaid subscriber service, service provider can provide their time to market VOIP service. It is the best shoot of a cost/effective solution.

SBC WellBG5800 Session Border Controller

WellBG5800 is a SIP-aware Session Broader Controller which provides a cost-effective solution to deploy VOIP services. It offers automatic NAT detection & transversal, SIP signaling conversion, network topologic protect and greatly decreased the soft-switch loading.

IP Voice Mail IPCentx6850GS

The first ready to run enhanced service application, SIP IP Centrex is based on powerful Welltech SIPIVR 6800GS to provide the customer a quick time to market and easy to customize their needs’ solution. With built-in pre-designed Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Coloring Ring Back Tone and Announcement service, IP Centrex fulfils the requirements of service provider. It supports multi-company operation and each company can have their own administrator to manage.

IP Recorder WellRec5600 VoIP Recorder

WellRec5600 is a dedicated VoIP recorder for Welltech SIP network architecture. Just simply setting the subscriber or the target list to be logged in WellSIP 6500, WellRec5600 will do the recording on demand no matter incoming call or outgoing call. Through the web interface, administrators can easily search and play the recorded VOIP call anywhere. It provides a very cost/effective solution to meet your VOIP logging service.

SIP IVR Server SIPIVR6800GS Service Creation Application Server

SIPIVR 6800GS brought you a fully web user interfaced Value Added Service Creation Application Server. By using easy drag and drug web interface, you can create your owned VOIP application or value added service very quick time to market. With built-in rich pre-designed components, the developer can create their service without paying attention to the complexities of programming. Also the real time debugger makes developer very easy to debug and trace the call flow status.

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