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DSC is a developer of end-to-end telecommunication and ICT solution infrastructure in Thailand, Myanmar and Indochina for more than 15 years. From consultancy, network design and planning to installation, maintenance and managed service.


With its in-depth knowledge of both correct and emceeing technologies. DSC is able to offer a wide range of wireless. Fixed telecommunications networks, DSC draws from its extensive skill base to provide the business knowledge and technical expertise to deliver the right network on time and on budget.


DSC is able to contract for the engineering survey, design, installation, construction and supervision of telecom line, pipeline, and telephone exchange, microwave communication, digital telecom, transmission equipment, computer network and satellite communication.



Design, planning and consultancy


 Services for Mobile Operators


Provide end-to-end services and solution from network planning, deployment and management. We have equipped ourselves with the latest tools and methodologies to create optimal networks, enhance network performance and help make crucial strategic network infrastructure decisions. Our capabilities include:


- Engineering design standards and systems

- Infrastructure and facilities design

- System operation performance, analysis and optimization Technology and vendor evaluation/selection System integration




- Satellite Communication

- Wireless Technology Solution

- Fiber Optic Network System

- Network Optimization

- Billing System

- Value-Added Services (VAS)





Microwave transmission systems


Services for Wireless Networks


Experience with international and regional telecom operators in engineering Conventional, Hybrid and IP microwave radio systems. We have a record with international and regional telecom operators in engineering microwave radio systems and site infrastructure facilities from towers, cabins, civil, and mechanical and electrical systems. Our portfolio of capabilities includes:


- System and network design

- Frequency and capacity planning

- Link budget and path analysis

- Transmission path and site surveys

- Integration, test and commissioning

- Project management

- Construction management

- Customer service center for repairs and maintenance support





DSC is an expert turnkey contractor for telecom infrastructure implementation (UMTS, GSM) and other types of wireless transmission.


The company’s scope of activities includes telecom and structural design, materials delivery, Construction and maintenance of antenna carrying structures, and installation and commissioning needed for the implementation of mobile networks. With our extensive experience, know


- how and flexible resources we provide construction of telecom infrastructure either as full turnkey or partial deliveries according to the needs of our customers.


- Turnkey contractor for telecom infrastructure implementation (UMTS, HSDPA) and other types of wireless transmission.

- Provide site infrastructure facility from tower, shelter, and CME.











Fiber Optic Network System


 Satellite Communications System


- Solid international partnerships enable us to adapt its services to all types of the Fiber Optic cable.

- DSC is capable to handle partial or the whole turnkey project.




DSC has expert experience to provide implementation works over satellite communication. To support system and application over satellite which has many factor concerned and provide the system perfectly match with satellite system environment. We’ve done a lot of customization due to inherent latency and cost of operation and maintenance. Guarantee by the proven track of our successful record. Our portfolio of capabilities includes:


- System design and application development

- Site survey and site preparation

- System integration, installation, test and commissioning

- Project management

- Customer service center for maintenance support







End-to-End Banking Solution and Services


 Airlines and Retail Store


Turnkey Banking IT network and telecommunications Solutions provider


- Bank Communication Network Infrastructure

- Online banking

- ATM & Branch monitoring system

- Data center

- Call center

- Security solution

- Outsourcing





- Call Center

- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

- WiFi

- VoIP

- Security; CCTV, Access control

- People Counting System

- Data Center








Cable Network System


Turnkey Delivery


DSC has built solid international partnerships enabling it to adapt its services to the specificities of the cable network. We can take complete charge of part or your entire project. Project Management


- Coordination and reporting

- Cost control

- Planning Management

- Route survey

- Layout Design

- Route Design

- ermission/authorization

- Technical Studies

- Transmission engineering

- Media studies

- Technical projects

- Construction

- Procurement and installation of passive equipment & Local Material

- Adaptation of existing sites

- Monitoring of work in progress

- Testing

- Measurements of Media characteristic

- Quality Control

- Installation of cable

- Delivery

- Installation & Splicing

- Commissioning 



DSC takes overall responsibility for the customers’ needs in all steps of full turnkey implementation:

- Telecom Network Design

- Radio network design

- Pre – Construction

- Site hunting

- Site survey and documentation

- Site acquisition

- Permits

- Technical site design

- Construction

- Design and engineering

- Materials delivery (Masts/towers and other structures, equipment, shelters, etc.)

- Civil and construction work

- AC electrical and ventilation installations

- Telecom Implementation

- Installations of systems and battery back – up systems

- Installations and measurement of antennas and antenna lines

- Installations, commissioning and integration of base stations

- Modifications

- Mechanical and technical modifications of constructional components

- Telecom modifications

- Operation & Maintenance

- Mechanical and technical maintenance of constructional components

- Telecom maintenance

- Consulting

- Project management

- Supervision operations

- Strength analysis of structures

- Inspections

- Site inventories





Multinational Corporation



- Satellite Communication

- Wireless Technology Solution

- Fiber Optic Network System

- IT Solution









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